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Interested in adopting? Please visit /adopt to submit an adoption application.   An adoption coordinator will contact you to answer any questions and if approved, schedule your appointment to meet the animal. All animals adopted through Utah Valley Animal Rescue are vaccinated, microchipped, and fixed.   Chloe is available for adoption! Chloe had a broken jaw and an ulcer in her eye.  She had her eye removed and her jaw fixed.  She is healthy and ready to find her forever family.     To help donate towards Chloe's care and to read her entire story, please continue reading: Help us raise the funds for take care of Chloe after her dog attack! Sweet Chloe has had a rough go of it lately.  There was a large group of cats from a hoarding situation that entered a local shelter.  We brought in several of them into our rescue.  And we were very surprised when she gave birth to kittens just days after coming into our care.  We sent her into foster care with one of the best foster parents we have.  After being in this foster home for a few weeks, Chloe was hanging out with her kittens in her spare bedroom.  When her foster mom went in to check on her, Chloe slipped out past the door.  What we all learned that day, is that Chloe hates dogs.  Unfortunately, she met her foster moms dog at the end of the hall.  While this dog has always gotten along with cats before, Chloe came charging at her and the dog reacted.  And bite Chloe's head.  This resulted in a broken jaw and an ulcer in her eye.     This is no one's fault, especially not the fosters.  Accidents happen, and even though this one broke bones and caused pain, we can't blame the dog for acting like a dog and for Chloe for being overprotective of her kittens.     Chloe had surgery six weeks ago to keep her jaw in place so it could heal properly.  The vet put plasters on her canine teeth to keep her jaw from moving. One week ago she had the plasters on her teeth removed, had her eye with the ulcer removed, and was spayed.   This was a lot to do at once, but the vet felt it was better to put her under once instead of three different times.  Chloe had a rough week after her surgery, but she is feeling much better know.     Through it all, Chloe has been the best mom to her kittens.  Even though she has had surgery multiple times and been in pain, she has always made sure her babies are taken care of.  Not only is she an amazing mom, she also loves people.  Her favorite thing is ear and chin scratches, as you can tell from her one week after surgery photo.  She is the friendly, cutest cat, who deserves the world.  Because of these surgeries she will live a long and happy life.   Please help us raise the funds to cover the cost of her surgeries.  our website for a complete list of fuzzy antidepressants.  And check us out on  Facebook  to stay up to date on our animals and adoption events!

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